This blog follows the article about immunity – your private body guard

Recovery period after sickness to fight fatigue :

Eat a plant based diet rich anti-oxydant food :

   Avoid meat, dairy, processed sugar, gluten

Sprouted seeds (graines germées) which contain enzymes, mineral, amino acids essential to meet the highest potential of our cells.

  Supplements such as lacto-fermented food may help such as : RegulatPro, Brottrunk, Pianto…

Eau de quinton : 

            René Quinton, was a French biologist who noticed the similarity of sea water to blood plasma with the difference of the degree of salinity.

Eau de Quinton in either hypertonique or isotonique form has proven effect on fatigue as it is rich in minerals and oligo-elements.

« …René Quinton, né en 1866, est le naturaliste, physiologiste et biologiste français qui a découvert et mis au point le sérum qui porte son nom, l’eau de Quinton. Il était de son vivant une personnalité reconnue en France et même dans le monde. A la fin du 19ème siècle, René Quinton s’intéresse de près à l’eau de mer, et ses recherches l’amènent à la conclusion que l’eau de mer est un milieu organique. En effet, l’eau de mer possède la même composition que notre plasma sanguin, au niveau des minéraux et des oligo-éléments, si ce n’est qu’elle est plus concentrée en iode… » *

You will regain your energy faster if combined ideally with a healthy lifestyle such as:
⦁ Proper nutrition :

Eat well, enjoy more fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains in their most natural state possible. Eat all the color of the rainbow in foods in order to benefit of all nutrients and the different types of antioxidant properties. Especially found in cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts,kale…

⦁ Rest :

Sleep well, since we need to stay at home during this period, indulge yourself with sweet afternoon nap of 30 minutes. Maintain a regular bedtime schedule of at least 7 hours every night.

⦁ Maintain healthy stress level:

Meditate, walk in nature, pray, eat and love

If you have any anxiety, fear or any emotional distress, choose one of the flowers of « Les Fleurs de Bach » which corespond the best to your emotions.

Confide to a friend or/and trust Divine power

  • Exercise and fresh air :

Move that body to sweat out your toxins !
Get enough sunlight. Find time to breathe in the clean air.

Oxygen is the most important substance for life and health, go to where it is the purest and breathe  deep. Open wide your windows to bring fresh air into your homes.

Start walking at least 30 minutes a day. A moderate walk is the most effective and cheapest form of exercise available.

If have foot injury or are confine home check out free workout on youtube.

Find what suits you best. Amongst so many choices, here are some free workout on the web: Yoga with Adrienne, Madfit, FitnessBlender, Pilates with GymRa…

If you want a more interactive and mindful workout with experienced yoga teachers.

Join the yogaflame community with their exciting livestream classes

Key is a healthy lifestyle but the idea is not to totally change your habits but to upgrade existing on

An example could be getting off at the previous bus stop to get that extra stretch by walking more.  If you have a sweet tooth, try to make your own dessert, you’ll be suprised of the amount of sugar in recipes, try to cut in 2 or add low type glycemic sugar such as coconut sugar.

Add lots of veggies in your favourite unhealthy cravings and yes it’ s ok to eat once in a while fries or chips (although you’ve got fries on the oven or algae/chickpea chips, a healthier version, on the market as well).

You need to work extra hours to finish your project, maybe work maybe until 2 am 😉 no worries … try to spend the day after or the next weekend off the computer and go have a walk with your family, best buddy or furry friend. I guess key word here is temperance?

I speak for myself because having healthy habits is not always easy. I think it’s important to enjoy things you love the most and if this includes eating chocolate go for it, just eat it slowly and with mindulness maybe you won’t need that extra crunch anymore.

Last but far from least, being in Switzerland, enjoy a good cheese fondue dinner with friends or family. Things taken for granted will now be forever cherished as soon the confinement following covid will be over and we will be able to reunite !!

In the meanwhile, take care of yourself, stay safe and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.